First row (left to right):

Dr. Hall

Shoba Narayan

Hi, I was born in Bangalore, India on October 7th, 1978. I came to the United States on December 12th, 1986 and since then, I have lived in Los Angeles. I Love LA!! I went to UCLA for my undergraduate studies. I graduated in June 2000 with a B.S. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. I love working with little kids and I am interested in becoming a Pediatrician! I also love basketball (LAKERS RULE), traveling, and watching movies.

Second row:

Roberta Kato 

I was born in Peru, Indiana but grew up in Orange County. I received my B.S in biochemistry from UCLA in 1994.  I worked in a laboratory for six years and hope to continue in medical research in an internal medicine or neurobiology field.

Third row (left to right):

Yuri Bunimovich
I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia.  I moved to Germany (Bielefeld) at age 12 and then to Atlanta (Georgia, USA).  I went to Cornell University for undergraduate and am now in MD/PhD program at UCLA medical school.  As a hobby, I play soccer, guitar and make web pages for my CABS group.

René Trabanino

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower,CA. I went to UCLA for my undergraduate degree. My hobbies are basketball and soccer and as for medicine, I plan to pursue clinical research and practice. I also plan to return to Guatemala, where I lived for some time when I was young, to conduct clinical work there.

Kaushik Mukherjee

I was born in Ahmedabad, India and grew up in Cupertino, CA. I attended Monta Vista HS and then Stanford University where I graduated in 2000 with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Classics. I'm interested in Surgery & Emergency Med., clinical & basic science research, community service, all kinds of music, Shakespeare and Homer, watching sports, working out, and movies.

Marc Meth

I am a graduate of Georgetown University where I majored in international politics. I grew up in Los Angeles, where his family still lives. He is considering a career in internal medicine.

Dawn Ogawa

I've been all over the place--born in Alaska, grew up in Washington and Hawaii, went to school in New Haven, CT at Yale University, spent a year doing a Fulbright fellowship in Japan and then worked for a year in San Francisco. My medical interests are in women's health and geriatrics. My outside interests are in painting, running and of course, travel.

Heather Huffman

My early years clearly were not as adventurous as pre-Dr. Ogawa's. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL-my kind of town! I decided to make up for things by traveling extensively before and during my BA years at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. I spent 100 days visiting 10 Asian, European, and North African countries and have also journeyed explored Australia, London, and Paris. My medical interests are all over the board, but right now I'm thinking about radiology, ob/gyn, or emergency medicine. I love any and all outdoors activities and constantly seek out the "road less traveled."

Maribel Munoz

I was born in Mexico City and moved up to the US about 12 years ago. I attended CSU Chico and majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I'm thinking about a career in family medicine, but I'm not really sure. I think I will keep an open mind for now until I find out what I really want to do.